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How many books does JustBooks have?

JustBooks has over a million books in its network. Our members get access to this entire inventory of books at all points of time.

Does JustBooks deliver books home?

Yes, we deliver books home. For our online members, all deliveries and pick ups are free of charge. For members who sign up at our physical stores, we offer one or two free deliveries a month depending on the duration of the membership. For any additional deliveries, there is a nominal charge of Rs. 25 per delivery. Please contact the front desk of your branch for further details.

How does the WishList feature help me??

As soon as you login to your account, please ensure that you add books to your "WishList" and continue to keep adding books at regular intervals. We will ensure that we keep seeing you books from this WishList at regular intervals so that you have books to read at all times. In case a specific book you have ordered is not available due to circulation we will ensure that we send you an alternate book from this WishList so that you have books to read with you

How can I login to my account?

Please click on "Member Login" at the top right hand corner of the home page. Please enter your registered email ID and click on "Forgot Password". A link will be sent to you registered email ID from where you can generate a password. Use this password and your registered email ID to login to your account.

How can I become a member of JustBooks?

You can become a member of JustBooks by simply signing up on our website through a simple registration process and choosing a plan that suits your requirement. Alternatively, you can visit any of our branches across the country to sign up and become a member.

Do I have to pay the registration fee every time I renew my account?

No. The registration fees is a one time payment received from you for all future renewals

How can I take a break from the library services?

Any member who have signed up or renewed for 12 months are entitled to a free break of two months during the course of membership. Any member who has signed up or renewed for 6 months are entitled to a free break of one month during the course of the membership. For any additional pause in membership, members will be charged a nominal fee of Rs. 50 / month. For members in any other plan, a nominal fee for Rs 50/month will be charged for every month of pause.

How long can I keep a book with me once I have picked it up?

We do not have a cap on the number of days that you can keep a book with you. You can keep a book for as long as you want. However we request you to return the book in a reasonable amount of time since other members may also be in the waiting list. However for books that are transferred from other branches, we request that you return the book within 7 days.

Do I get the full amount when I close my subscription?

If a member does the subscription for a period of 3 months, within the three months if the member wishes to close the subscription, member will be getting the security deposit as refund.

How do I add books to my WishList?

Please click on the "Heart" icon that appears below any book to add the book to your WishList. Please note that in order to add books to your WishList, you will have to be logged in to your account.

What can I do if the book i have issued gets lost?

If a book that you have been issued gets lost, please call us on our toll free number or send a mail to [email protected] We will adjust the value of the book from your security deposit and also a differential amount will be collected based on cost price of the book.

How can I recommend a book to be purchased by JustBooks?

You can recommend a book by logging in to your account on www.justbooks.in. If there is enough demand for the book, we will procure the same.

How can I change my current plan?

The member should call our customer care numbers 080-40511711 or send a mail to [email protected] with the plan details.

How many books can I take at any given point of time?

The number of books you can take at any point of time is dependent on the plan that you sign up for. We have plans that start at a minimum of 2 books.