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Join the JustBooks family as a JustBooks franchisee!

JustBooks is the country's largest library chain with presence across the country. And being a part of this chain is a wholly unique and exciting experience for any partner.

As one of the most recognised brands in the knowledge industry, JustBooks has a proclaimed vision to drive the next generation of the knowledge industry in the country. Three key pillars that drive this vision include

  • Intense focus on customer service
  • Operations excellence
  • Maximising franchisee growth

JustBooks has been built on the strength of its brand and partners over the years to provide our consumers with an unmatched experience in reading and knowledge sharing through great store ambience and warm service.

If you have the desire to drive this vision along with us, the financial ability to get started and an intense desire to grow with a leader brand, please fill up the following simple details and we will get in touch with you to take the discussion forward.

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