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Our Partnering Solutions

01 Entrepreneurs

Bring Justbooks to a locality near you. Be a knowledge Entrepreneur spreading reading & knowledge within your locality. JustBooks not only gives you a great social connect within your locality but bring in unmatched financial returns. Talk to us today for exploring partnerships

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02 Premium homes / suites & board rooms

Next step is to place your order. To do that you can go to shopping cart, by using widget in sidebar, pressing button with the same name or by click on cart icon in header. In shopping cart you can check your order, fill form fields and after that confirm your order.

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03 Educational Institutions

Justbooks partners with schools of all levels to help children embrace reading & to help teachers stay up to date. Whether you are an NGO running a government school or an international school reaching new frontiers in education, Justbooks has defined solutions that are just right for you. Talk to us today to explore on how having JustBooks in your school is a must & how your school can leverage JustBooks to promote reading & generate additional revenue

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04 Apartments

Justbooks partners with residential communities to bring in convenience of reading to door steps. We have amazing offers for selected apartments & solutions that bring Justbooks to your doorsteps. Please join us in spreading the love of reading amongst the future generation by writing to us today

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05 Builders

Having Justbooks on your properties demonstrates the premium value & taste of things to come. We have a unique build, operate & transfer model that is just ideal for builders building high value residential apartments.

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06 Enterprises

Books are amazing stress busters & tools of continuous learning. They enhance EQ & IQ with equal balance providing right investment opportunity for employee development. JustBooks has solutions for organizations
1. with knowledge solutions for employees
2. Enterprises with stores /branches spread across cities
JustBooks not only builds custom libraries but also brings library on call/ drive in service to help organizations embrace reading.

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07 Existing libraries

JustBooks has invested millions of dollars in building technologies, owning inventories & creating experiences that can help readers with convenience & choices. Partnering with JustBooks can bring all these advantages. What's more partnering with JustBooks can bring in additional revenues by attracting new users, driving additional revenue from existing users & utilizing inventory

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08 Retail stores

Partner with Justbooks to bring in additional walk in’s with high frequency & additional revenue. We have customized solutions for bookstores, Restaurants, saloons, spa's & Grocery chains. Our solution includes Reading corner in Store, marketing partnerships & magazine rack.

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09 Co-working spaces

Partner with Justbooks to bring in additional reason for your customers to stay with you. Our solutions not just bring you the reader’s corner but also a chance to make additional revenue. Talk to us today

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